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The norwegian sjøfløyte (sea flute)


The "Sjøfløyte" is a Norwegian variant of the recorder. Its name derives from the fact that it came from the European continent to Norway by boat, and it is also referred to as “city flute.” These flutes found there way into every part of the country, and were used in many different connections, such as performances, dances, and as a diversion for lonely shepherds. Skillful rural craftsmen throughout Norway began to build instruments as well, and this tradition survived until 1980, when Nils Stuvstad, last in a line of great instrument builders, died. A number of folk musicians have kept the playing tradition alive, and I have developed three different sizes of “sea flutes” with the help and advice from some of these musicians. The larger and smallest models, marked “Schlosser,” are reconstructions based on the oldest city flutes known to us. The smaller version in a is entirely my own model, inspired by instruments that I have examined and tried out myself.


Do you want to listen to Bodil's sjøfløyte played by herself?:


Sjøfløyte F 
A=415 Hz
A= 442 Hz
Sjøfløyte A
A=442 Hz
Sjøfløyte soprano in C
A=442 Hz 

EUR 650,- exclusive VAT

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