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The Ganassi recorders


are based on fingering-charts found in Ganassi’s treatise on recorder playing (1535), historical illustrations, and some extant instruments from the period. These are typical renaissance instruments with a strong and clear sound, especially in the low register. They have a range of 2-1/4 octaves and are easy to articulate. They are particularly suitable for playing solo works by such composers as Castello, Frescobaldi and van Eyck. My instruments are made from maple, boxwood and various types of fruit tree, such as pear, plum, apple, cherry, etc.

Download fingerings for the Ganassi recorder in G

Do you want to listen to Bodil's Ganassi recorders played by herself?:

Ganassi alt.png


Ganassi alto recorder in G

EUR 1120,- 

Additional middle joint,

a=466, a=440 or a=415 Hz

EUR 400,-

All prices are exclusive VAT

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